Floor Sanding Mistakes to Avoid Making in Your Home

Sanding your timber floors can help remove nicks and scratches and allow you to add a coat of paint or stain for a fresh new look. While many homeowners can manage the sanding of wood floors on their own, this job is not always as easy as you might think; note a few common mistakes made by homeowners so you can avoid them yourself, and ensure that your home's floors always look their best. [Read More]

3 Reasons Hardwood Flooring Beats Bamboo

You might just have heard tell of bamboo flooring. It's becoming an increasingly popular option, so many homeowners are beginning to ask themselves whether bamboo can compete with hardwood flooring. Well, bamboo flooring might indeed come with its own set of advantages, but there are plenty of benefits that come along with using a traditional hardwood instead, and here are just three. 1. Durability In its raw state, bamboo is actually very tough. [Read More]

Why Laminate Would Be a Good Option When Re-Flooring

In recent years, laminate flooring has seen a steady rise in popularity among homeowners due to the host of advantages that they offer. Although older laminate flooring was not considered particularly appealing, new technology has brought about a broad range of designs and styles to ensure that the laminate flooring is complementary to any interior d├ęcor. So what are some of the reasons why laminate would be a good option when re-flooring? [Read More]

Why a Homeowner Should Never Install Their Own Timber Flooring

Today's homeowners often try to manage as many DIY jobs around the house as they can, using online videos as a guide and renting whatever tools they may need. This can be a good money-saving solution in many cases, but there are certain jobs that should always be left to the pros, no matter the videos you follow or tools at your disposal; installing timber floors is one such job. Note why this is and why you should always hire a professional installer for this job. [Read More]