Finding the Prefect Type of Flooring

3 Modern Tile Looks That Make A Stunning Entry Hall Feature Floor

Entry halls are sometimes a tricky space when it comes to interior design. They're frequently too small to house furniture but they're also the first impression of your home's interior that arriving guests see. A great way to dress up your entry hall and give some wow factor is to add a tiled feature floor.

A tiled feature wall can add colour, pattern and visual interest to an otherwise remarkable area of your home. It's a great way to brighten the area and makes a striking entry to your home. Here are three tile styles that are decorative, beautiful and on trend that you might like to consider for your entry hall.

1. Modern mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles have been a popular choice in homes for several years and they remain a top seller for contemporary and traditional homes. The random, multi-coloured pattern that was huge during the early 2000s have been supplanted by more harmonious, monochromatic mixes of tile colour. 

A mix of lighter and darker tiles of the same base colour gives you a subtle pattern and colour variation that looks modern and attractive. You can also choose from rectangular and circular mosaic tiles as well as the usual square tiles to create an interesting and eye-catching pattern for your feature floor.

2. Exotic patterned tiles

Another big tile trend is the return of ornately patterned tiles with an exotic flair. Popular choices are Moorish, Spanish Mission or Japanese style. This type of tile is characterised by intricate, repeating patterns that have a slightly vintage and aged look about them. The colours are soft and slightly washed out rather than bold and dark.

Exotic patterned tiles work very well in an entry hall that has either a neutral wall colour or a more colourful palette. They're a great choice for adding some zest to a very small entry hall when you want to keep the rest of the space light, bright and open.

3. Classic black and white

For a more refined and timeless look, classic black and white tiles make a great feature for a tiled entry hall. This look works equally well in heritage homes or more contemporary dwellings. You can opt for large-scale square or hexagon shaped tiles or make the look a little more detailed with smaller versions.

For a variation on the theme, subway tiles are a modern and trendy option. These can be laid in a grid pattern, in an overlapping brickwork pattern or in the herringbone pattern that's a huge design trend right now.