Tallowwood is Good: 4 Sturdy Reasons to Choose Tallowood for Your Decking

If you are looking to add some decking around your pool or to your backyard area, tallowwood, an Australian hardwood, is one of the finest timbers available. Traditionally used in the building of wharves and bridges, and to create wheel spokes, railway sleepers, tool handles and even boats, tallowwood has many positive attributes. When choosing a timber for your decking, you need something that stands up well to wear, is pest-resistant and looks good. [Read More]

Answering Some Important Questions About Bamboo Flooring for a Home

Bamboo flooring is a great option for any home; it's tough and durable and may offer more variety in its overall appearance than you realize. It's also one of the most eco-friendly choices you can make for timber floorboards. Note a few questions you might have about bamboo flooring for your home, and then discuss this option with a flooring installer as needed so you can make the right choice for your home's new floors and be happy with those floors for years to come. [Read More]

Go Back in Time with a 1950s Kitchen

The 50s was a unique era, wedged between the war and the swinging 60s. It was very much a time of transition for society, but it had a distinctive style that most people would recognise instantly. Nowhere in the home is 1950s style more fitting than in the kitchen. With retro-futuristic appliances, beautiful colours, and the timeless cool that the decade was known for, a 50s kitchen is a modern classic that will have you wanting to entertain guests every night of the week. [Read More]

Reasons Laminate Is a Great Alternative to Timber Flooring

As the flooring industry grows by leaps and bounds, technological advancements have transformed laminate flooring from a tacky and cheap option to an affordable and luxurious alternative to timber. Although wood flooring does remain a popular option for homeowners, more individuals realise that it requires intensive maintenance for it to remain attractive, As a result, homeowners are now in search of choices that will complement their d├ęcor but still provide them with enhanced functionality. [Read More]